Color Matching

You may have noticed that The native color picker in Xcode seems a little off sometimes. One work around is to use the Digital Color Meter in OS X and then manually type the RGB into Xcode.

Color Pic example gif

Step 1: Configure Digital Color Meter

  • Set Digital Color Meter to sRGB

Step 2: Pick a Color

  • Hover over the color you want and use, cmd + L to lock in color.

Step 3: Configure Xcode Color

  • Choose "Other" from the dropdown color menu.
    Color Drop Down
  • Select the RGB Sliders tab.

  • Click the little gear and select, Generic RGB from the dropdown menu.
    Color Config menu

Step 4: Enter the RGB Values

  • Finally, you will need to manually enter the RGB values from the Digital Color Meter into the Xcode RGB value boxes.
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