Creating a Custom Modal Transition

Xcode allows us to choose from 3 different modal transitions, Cover Vertical, Flip Horizontal and Cross Dissolve. Unfortunately, there is no provided way to adjust these stock transitions; they are what they are. Fortunately, we can create all types of cool custom transitions to fit all your app building needs using a few custom transition classes that we will provide.

custom transition tumblr example

Step 1: Add Custom Transition Files to your Project.

Download the Custom Transition Swift Files and drag them into your project. The Base Transition file contains the "behind the scenes" code to execute our transition. The Fade transition describes what happens during the transition, a fading transition between ViewControllers.

add transition files to project

Step 2: Create a Modal Segue.

Create the Segue

Step 3: Define the Transition Variable.

Define a "global" variable for the custom transition above the viewDidLoad method. It will be of type, FadeTransition.

var fadeTransition: FadeTransition!

Step 4: Setup the prepare method

The prepare() method runs any code that we want right before the segue happens. It's kind of like the viewWillAppear of the segue world.

  • Remove the comment /* */ to activate the prepare method and add the following code within the prepare method.
override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) {

// Access the ViewController that you will be transitioning too, a.k.a, the destinationViewController.
var destinationViewController = segue.destinationViewController

// Set the modal presentation style of your destinationViewController to be custom.
destinationViewController.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationStyle.Custom

// Create a new instance of your fadeTransition.
fadeTransition = FadeTransition()

// Tell the destinationViewController's  transitioning delegate to look in fadeTransition for transition instructions.
destinationViewController.transitioningDelegate = fadeTransition

// Adjust the transition duration. (seconds)
fadeTransition.duration = 1.0

Step 5: Run Your App!

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