Designer Guides

CodePath iOS Guides for Designers

These guides are optimized for empowering designers to modify the view and animation related code for production apps. As such, there is a focus on views, navigation, transitions, and animations. Topics such as networking, threading, models, and device frameworks for accessing the camera and location are not covered.

In terms of prototyping, the goal of the guides is to first provide the tools necessary to build rich, interactive mocks using Xcode instead of Quartz Composer. This seems to be an efficient onramp for either the designers looking to simply prototype with the native tools or for those that wish to continue to learn to program a fully functional app.

The Guides

Getting Started

Creating View Controllers

Navigation and Scrolling


Responding to User Input

Common UIViews

Helpful System Utilities



Helpful 3rd Party Libraries

App Submission and Testing

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